4 Dec 2016: Our lab received an award from Tampines Town Council for “Consultation work in applying psychological research methods to tackle community issues”.

Something Fishy?

2016: Our lab received the 2016 Silver Best Paper Award from the Annals, Academy of Medicine, Singapore (‘An Analysis of Blinding Success in a Randomised Controlled Trial of Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids’). These results were featured in the newsletters of the Institute of Mental Health and the National Healthcare Group.

2017: The Synergy Lab hosted our first final-year students. From left to right: Payal, Anthea, and Daryl (from Yale-NUS), and Nicole (from NUS Psychology).

Making a Difference Through Research

12 May 2017: Learn how our capstone student Daryl Tan made a difference through his research.

The Value of Research in the Social Sciences

7 Jan 2017: In this Straits Times article, the Yale-NUS College president put the spotlight on research in the social sciences. Check out the reference to our lab’s work!

Supporting the Next Generation

11 Nov 2016: Every year, our lab takes in talented High School students on one-year project stints. Here’s a write-up on our partnership with the Singapore Ministry of Education. (You can also read about why we champion student research here.)

Social Media Portfolio

Here’s a portfolio of pieces we put up for social media, just for fun.